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CBD oil in Cosmetics and Skin Care products

CBD or Hemp oil is now one of the most popular components in cosmetics. In fact, hemp oil was used thousands of years ago to treat eczema, various inflammations, and dry skin. Today, hemp owes its popularity to “clean beauty” – the trend for natural cosmetics. Thanks to this, products with cannabidiol can fill store shelves already in 2019.

CBD oil in cosmetics

If you can not find cosmetics with cannabidiol (CBD), not in every store, then hemp oil is in almost all supermarkets. It is added to salads and sauces, and also consumed in its pure form, one spoon twice a day to improve digestion. Hemp oil contains many beneficial vitamins and trace elements that prevent blood thrombosis, reduces cholesterol and promotes weight loss. There are even developments claiming the product inhibits the growth of cancer tumors.

CBD oil can be applied externally. It is quickly absorbed, restores the lipid balance, and strengthens the hair and nails. Thanks to gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), CBD oil seals moisture in the skin and refreshing it.

CBD Oil for skin care

As for cannabidiol itself, it does not have a psychotropic effect, but it has healing properties. Clinical studies claim that CBD products regulate the production of sebum, reduce acne and effectively fight eczema. So, the authors of one of the studies proved the positive effect of cannabidiol, using a cream with a 3% concentration of CBD on a group of people suffering from acne. After a month of the experiment, all participants experienced a slowdown in sebum production, as well as a significant decrease in the number of inflammations on the side of the face where the cream was applied. Besides, CBD has an anti-inflammatory effect, therefore, prevents the further formation of redness on the skin.

But that’s not all: dermatologists at the University of Colorado in their study confirmed the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabidiol for patients with hyperpigmentation, psoriasis, eczema, and allergic dermatitis.