There are 3 CBD stores in Marion, Indiana.

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Best CBD stores in Marion, Indiana

Holistic CBD

Address: 808 S Baldwin Ave, Marion, IN 46953

Phone: (765) 573-5070

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


Amazing product from amazing people. My older cats have all shown a huge difference in mobility since using the cbd for cats product, and have gotten some other products that I personally have loved and a few friend’s dogs I’ve gotten on their product as well have shown major benefits from getting on these products. – Jonny “Apples”

I was very impressed with the knowledge the staff has about all the products and the fact that they can show you the specifications on each one. I have personally tried several products and had great results! Thank you Holistic CBD! – JoMarie Robinson

Their friendly, knowledgeable staff answered all my questions and explained things in language I could understand. Good product line and even have CBD for pets. Late hours too they were open after i got off work late. – otis blevins

Your CBD Store – Marion, OH

Address: 1296 Delaware Ave, Marion, OH 43302

Phone: (740) 751-4003

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


These people are fantastic! I didn’t really know much about CBD and it’s benefits. Got a detailed explanation about CBD and all the products they carry. They were very helpful and took time to help me pick out products that will work for my hip and back pain along with detailed information on the proper use. I am very satisfied with the results and highly recommend them. – Cindy English

I have had terrible arthritis pain in both of my knees for the past couple of years, and nothing seemed to work at relieving the pain. I was introduced to the topical cream that is sold at this store and it has worked like magic. Just a tiny bit of cream on my knees take away the pain almost instantly. I highly recommend it for anyone who is experiencing joint pain. You won’t be disappointed. – Chris Moore

I love Sunmed CBD products. The high quality of their products is second to none. My favorite procucts are topical cream for my low back and I use the oil every morning. This stores focus on Customer service is evident as they take care of each and every customer and make incredible recommendations each time I visit! Thank you for being such a great support to the community. You are my “Get through 2020 Store.” – Courtney Hampton

Low Bob’s Discount Tobacco

Address: 715 S Baldwin Ave, Marion, IN 46952

Phone: (765) 573-3222

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


Love the place great prices but rude workers. One worker there she is always on her phone or talking to her bf that hangs out there. Gets rude when you say excuse me to get her attention. – Shannon Southwick

Nice. They have a drive up window. Don’t have to get out of the car or anything. Very polite people there. – Ruby Adams

In the past, the customer service was so, so, but an employee by the name of Josh Stevens,( hopefully I spelled his name right), goes above what is expected by an employee in my opinion. Highly recommend doing business with him. Very friendly, courteous and knowledgeable employee – Richard Scott

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