There are 4 CBD stores in Marksville, Louisiana.

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Best CBD stores in Marksville, Louisiana

Cannaleaf Hemp Company

Address: 6027 Monroe Hwy St #A, Ball, LA 71405

Phone: (888) 715-4367

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


I have been making purchases with this company for over a month and I am very happy; very clean and organized shop, very knowledgeable and professional staff, and fantastic products with great prices. I personally like the cbd flowers, I have not had a strain yet I don’t like, you can’t go wrong! Perfect for pain and anxiety. – strictly ONtheRecord

We are located on Monroe Hwy. Map is showing the street behind us and sending customers in a circle. We are just off the highway behind the blue building.

We have a brick building with blue awnings. Signs will be up this week. – C.L. Moore

The OG purple kush is by far my favorite! This I an amazing place to get your CBD! very friendly customer service! And the effects of the OG purple kush are amazing I highly suggest it and I highly recommend shopping at Canna leaf! – Gregory Meadows

Red Dog Vape Shop and Collectibles

Address: 307 Tunica Dr E, Marksville, LA 71351

Phone: (318) 597-2365

Rating: 4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)


Unexpected find, wasn’t expecting such a selection in a small town but was pleasantly surprised, always get more than I planned on because of all the good juices he has at very reasonable prices, a must stop whenever I’m in Marksville, this is definitely the place to go for your vaping needs!! – Scott Dallas

Had a great visit with the owner. He showed me great flavors to go with and trust me they are excellent. So after a year and a half now I am not smoking feeling great and vaping has helped me do it. Thank u red dog I will only do business here. – Ben Stanford

Awesome place dudes really nice and friendly. They have all sorts of vapes and juices and they also have a biweekly car meet for the local car club LouisianaStreetMacines for the car lovers. – JScott FTW

Walmart Supercenter

Address: 7162 LA-1, Marksville, LA 71350

Phone: (318) 253-4069

Rating: 3.8 out of 5 stars (3.8 / 5)


Place is nice and neat, carries many items from food to household items, baby, auto supplies, mechanic. Does not have a decent oriental section. Takes them a long time to add items found on the website to the actual store. – carla billiot

Great, clean, organized store. Only 2 cash registers were open. Lines were getting long.

2 regular registers open and 3 self serve. Needed to get more open. But, this is a problem with every Walmart Ive’ been too. – Jim Parker

In my opinion the store is better you can find the items you’re looking for easily. Everything is labeled and not all jumbled up, there is always someone in the different departments to assist you. – Carmen Mims

Au Natural Organics Company

Address: 1012 3rd St, Alexandria, LA 71301

Phone: (318) 787-6979

Rating: 3.6 out of 5 stars (3.6 / 5)


So incredibly disappointed with this vendor. I have placed orders with this vendor on multiple occasions and had wonderful previous experiences. However my recent transaction has been one of the WORST I have ever had with any online vendor in recent history. My order was placed back in late June of 2020. Due to COVID19 there was a disclaimer on their website indicating that there would be a delay (which I understood completely). However, after 1 month passed I knew something was going on. I emailed the vendor via her website, emailed the vendor and was lucky enough to find a phone number for the vendor. However, despite all my attempts to reach out I was only able to speak to the vendor one time. I was assured that my merchandise was in route and she even promised me a free oil of my choice ( I requested Batana oil for my hair routine/twist outs). However, after yet another month of nothing, I have come to the conclusion my merchandise that I have come to love- is not coming. I truly understand hardships, I truly to. Hurricane season, I get it. But Ms. Armand never made mention of it, never said anything to indicate that there would be an issue or problem. It is now October and I am still empty-handed. My hard earned money is gone and in return I got an empty, shallow promise. Ms. Armand you wont even issue a refund to my account. It has been three months, Ms. Armand. Four months of empty promises. To say this is beyond the pale- is an understatement. I have been more than flexible and understanding and I am getting the shaft. I basically threw my money(159 dollars)away. Let me forewarn you fellow consumers now: Let my experience be a cautionary tale. I may have lost my money and my order but you don’t have to.
UPDATE AS OF 10/21/2020
I was able to get a partial refund on my order on items that were no longer available. Got the remaining items I was promised. I am still weary of placing another order just yet. Rather- I may use one of their affiliates like Amazon next time. I need a bit of time and distance from the Covid fiasco. The merchandise I got was top notch and what I expected it to be. Darn shame it took this long to get resolution. – MIMI AME

I am a great Fan of Au Natural organics Essential Oils. I have been using their varieties of product for more than 3 yrs. And i am proud to say all are great!! I need no other cosmetics as i have aunatrual organics. – Maria Martinez

I have used the barbary fig seed oil for several months and I love it. It only takes a few drops for your face and neck. It seems to make my pores look smaller and reduces fine lines. I love au natural organics because the price is fair and I had a small problem that was immediately taken care of. It is hard to find such great customer care service anymore and will be ordering from them again. – Leah Ledvina

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