There are 4 CBD stores in Milan, Illinois.

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Best CBD stores in Milan, Illinois

The Smoking Pipe Shop Milan IL

Address: 109 2nd Ave W, Milan, IL 61264

Phone: (309) 948-3630

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


Always friendly and very knowledgeable. Actually have helped me fix my setup when I thought was trashed. House flavor is tasty,inexpensive,&consistent.Good selection of smoking pipe for herbs. Coils cheep but good. Only place I shop at now. – Joshua Beekman

Great staff, and best prices in Illinois by far. I was happily surprised to learn of the second location in downtown Moline as well, which I just visited and also found to be excellent. This is definitely a 5 star business! – Sabyl Tech

Amazing!! The guy that helped us was very knowledgeable, caring, didn’t mind answering any of my (to me) “stupid” questions, & the price can’t be beat! I’m going to tell EVERYONE I know to go here for any of their needs – ShayLynn “Shay Ahrens” Blessington

Phillips 66

Address: 1940 1st St W, Milan, IL 61264

Phone: (309) 787-2595

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


I moved to the apartments next door & started going here. Even though i only moved up the street this gas station was always in the opposite direction… I will never go to another one in Milan no matter where I am not even Shell lol I love this gas station I have never had an issue here (knocks on wood) I even left to Charlotte for a whole year and came back and they remembered me and welcomed me back. Ive been in customer service for 10 years and love when I go to places that have great service. Love this place. – natalia veladez

Charges $1.50 for air in your tires and it took air out of my tires. Cashier seem to lost and confused when I told him he said he would check it with his car didn’t seem to believe my digital tire gauge in my car. $1.50 well spent to never ever go back – Metaxia King

Phillips 66

Address: 330 10th Ave W, Milan, IL 61264

Phone: (309) 787-6877

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


Gas was cheap. No bait and switch on prices like alot of stations in the area. Lady working was friendly. – Yoko Meshi H.

Is it’s the most amazing gas station I have ever been in. The clerk was so nice and had a great accent. The toilet was mmmmmmmm good!!! Overall, it was an amazing store and I would definitely recommend. – Warren Oestmann

I ALWAYS get my Copenhagen here for $24.99 a roll. The owner’s and help are AWESOME! It’s always clean and they have a single unisex restroom that is clean also! +++ – SSG Michael Krulic Sr.

Nature’s Treatment of Illinois

Address: 973 Tech Dr, Milan, IL 61264

Phone: (309) 283-7642

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


If your business wants to maintain social distancing by having multiple people waiting outside in the cold, then please make sure your employees are following proper masking. You know, by wearing a mask that covers the nose. However, most of the other employees are excellent. The budtenders are very helpful – Lauren R

Friendly and informative staff, clean environment and a decent selection as far as product. I see good potential for expansion and due to prices (keep in mind that it is due to state taxes as to why prices are so high) is the only reason it receives a 4/5 from me and not a 5/5. – Dyllen Robinson

I was there on 04/13/2021 and was served by Brady. He was incredibly professional, polite and most importantly patient. He explained in detail the answers to all my questions, and make the entire experience enjoyable.

It also helped he was soft on the eyes ???? – Jack Stanley

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