There are 5 CBD stores in Monument, Colorado.

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Best CBD stores in Monument, Colorado

CBD Universe

Address: 109 Inverness Dr E Unit J, Englewood, CO 80112

Phone: (720) 828-8788

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


Such an amazing company to work with! I’ve ordered from them multiple times and have always received incredible service! These guys show such a caring and attentive attitude with every order, the replies and communication has blown my mind, there are very few companies that take the time to do these simple things these days. On top of that the product meets AND exceeds the quality I have received from the bigger pricier brands! – Stephanie Wilson

I don’t know how, but this works better than anxiety medication and muscle relaxers for me. I got some for my best friend and she says says it’s life changing. – Heather de Alva

Amazing quality CBD oil, with a tremendous customer service. Really enjoyed and the CBD helped me out several ways. Highly recommended to others. – Elizabeth Hernandez

Alpinery CBD Co

Address: 465 CO-105, Monument, CO 80132

Phone: (719) 418-2633

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


This place is awesome!! They have everything you need. They listened to my needs and gave me the rights products. I will definitely go back again and again. Thank you!! – Heather Gorby

Pikes Peak Brewing Company

Address: 1756 Lake Woodmoor Dr, Monument, CO 80132

Phone: (719) 208-4098

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


Great craft beer and great location. There’s a front section with a bar that seems to be a little more busy but there’s also seating in large, back room that can hold more people and has bigger tables for larger parties. The staff is friendly and the beer is reasonably priced. Highly recommended. – Jamie Stahler

Super impressed with the management of this location. I ordered the Mega plate (which was really tasty). The server forgot to put the food order and had to wait an extra 30 minutes, but the manager was really kind about it and I will be returning. The beer was fabulous as well! Great atmosphere and energy! – Lindsey Eller

We had our Christmas party there recently, and the staff and venue were absolutely amazing! When coordinating the party with the manager, they were extremely helpful and able to answer my questions. The serving staff was phenomenal! Thank you all for everything and making our party fun, cozy, and memorable! – Chrissy Travis

Clearview Distributors

Address: 1845 Deer Creek Rd, Monument, CO 80132

Phone: (719) 488-2236

Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


Everyone at Clearview Distributors has been fantastic to work with. On the south side of our home we has a kitchen window replaced and then two very large double windows. The men who came to do the work did an excellent job. They came on time and kept everything very clean from start to finish. – Francisco P

They windows that Cearview Distributors installed in our home are very good quality. They were very reasonably priced and the installation couldn’t have gone any smoother. The entire process began and was finished when the guys said it would be. We had no problems what so ever and would thus highly recommend their work. – Logan Hilliard

 Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness – Taylor Peacock

Jabil, Inc

Address: 1051 Synthes Ave, Monument, CO 80132

Phone: (719) 481-5300

Rating: 3.2 out of 5 stars (3.2 / 5)


They supposedly liked me, thought I’d be a great asset to the company YET I didn’t get hired. I’m giving 1 star just because I feel I deserved a chance. – Ron Ishmael

They are so disorganized and dysfunctional. I can’t believe it’s taken this long for it to implode. – Jacki Smith

i was a contract agency with kelly for jabil. i worked in the nails department. i started march 1st. there was a big snow storm the weekend of march 20-21 i had left a light on in my car and couldnt get my car started, i live in a very bad appartment complex, i cant just walk around asking for help, my boyfriend came and jumped my car which made me an hour and a half late for work i had called in and explained. when i got there my supivisor said i didnt ever call, to which i even Showed her my phone and the number i called. she said dont let this happen again. but with my luck my sister went to the hospital that night. i was then fired yesterday march 23 before my shift even started. i had texted my supervisor a message about how i loved the job (hated it but really needed it) sent her a picture of the hospital bed. and i had to stay with my family member until another could take over. but before i could even get a chance to go in she fired me. while working there i have realized a lot of things about their buisness and how they run things. this buissness is the biggest cluster of a buissness i have ever seen. they have half sections running mandatory overtime because they cant meet their numbers. they cant meet their numbers because they have 2 buissness running in there. 1 the workers, and 2 quality workers. everything the workers do, quality then inspects. in my section our numbers werent counted unless quality checks them, so we could have 12 orders sitting on a shelf unaccounted for because quality doesnt manage their workers and will leave their staion unattented. to which we then have to stop production until they can catch up. STUPID. my first day on the floor out of the hiring process they had a meeting and they told us to hustle hustle hustle we need to meet numbers or were doing overtime on saturday. so of coarse we all bust our butts, but once again quality isnt working when their supposed to so they got slammed and we the workers get the short hand and told to stop all production until they could catch up. they sit here and complain about numbers but their the ones making it hard to meet those numbers. their running 24/6 how are they not able to meet numbers. another note when i was mingling a little with the other workers EACH ONE of them had something to say about the buissnes. some workers were being forced to be on a shift they didnt want, but were being told they had no room to move people. when i was hired i was supposed to be on 3rd shift. when starting there was 5 of us. they put the 3 older people on the 3rd shift and left me and another to be on 1st. to which they also told us we would be on 1st shift for a week, then it turned into 2-3 months. that WASNT what i applied for. i complained and told then i will not be working 1st shift im not a morning person thats why i applied for 3rd told them to give me 2nd at the least. i could go on and on about this buissness, but overall they are a cluster in there. there are 7 fellow workers that ive spoken to that are unhappy, and they are employees who have been there from a year+. and THAT says alot about how they treat their employees. side note, my last day there they had a meeting, and in that meeting my supervisor even stated that if people had a family emergency that they would understand. which she didnt understand, and im now fired. – Rosa Brown

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