There are 4 CBD stores in Norway, Maine.

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Best CBD stores in Norway, Maine

Black Dog Timberworks, LLC

Address: 560 Greenwood Rd, Norway, ME 04268

Phone: (207) 380-4012

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)


Rusty and crew have done several project for us. They do an amazing job with a high level of craftsmanship, attention to detail and the paperwork part of the job is right on target too. I would recommend these guys to anyone looking for a high quality timber framing crew. – Jesper Kruse

Norway Brewing Company

Address: 237 Main St, Norway, ME 04268

Phone: (207) 739-2126

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


This place is great! Great beer and food, and friendly, attentive, and helpful service! I grew up in Norway, and when I was back for a family reunion, I found this gem. Wish I could take the whole thing back home with me rather than just the one growler! Will definitely visit next time. – Tom Cox

Great local brews! The owner shows great pride and presentation of ownership and offers friendly staff, and an array of beer choices that would suit most any pallet. Great location seated right in the heart of Beautiful downtown Norway. If you’re a beer fanatic, you’ll love coming here! – Rev. Ria Ferris

Brunch is bomb! Loved the kamichi hash! And their donut???? Amazing! French press coffee was great. Compilation beer with Sebago Brewing was on point for a double IPA brewed with rye at 11 Am???? Really cool atmosphere, very nice staff and an acceptable wait time. Can’t wait to go back! – Rachael Ellis

VIP Tires & Service

Address: 85 Main St, Norway, ME 04268

Phone: (207) 743-5192

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)


brought my truck in today for alignment and tire balance. Matt discovered the wheels were off center not a balance issue, he and his team took the time to show me the problem and addressed it the best they could without having the part I needed. I highly recommend Matt and his team, thank you guys – Mark Game

Awesome service very friendly, quick to help , I like to come here , I like how fast they help , bought truck back after ordering 4 new tires to have put on two find out Mexico vip duct taped both front tire sensors on , but cliff dont worry he would fix them , thanks cliff , At the norway vip , – Tracy Gammon

I only go to VIP when I need any sort of help with my vehicle, they are so consistent and reliable, this store in particular was extra friendly when I arrived and extremely helpful in finding what I needed for my SUV. Thankyou Norway VIP for your help and always a pleasure going to this location! – Katie Clark

Cumberland Farms

Address: 251 Main St, Norway, ME 04268

Phone: (207) 743-0365

Rating: 3.4 out of 5 stars (3.4 / 5)


well… i was in line with my man, and we were purchasing our food, but the cashier was female… she was so so rude to me additude and all, dirty looks and didnt say a thing to me but smiled at my man and said have a good night and was all nicely nice to him… i would say ill be there again but if with my boyfriend again gonna probably keep an eye only because i seriously am NOT into people like that… my man is young and not old enough for her and thats part of the reason i say keep an eye… WE are young.!!! THANK YOU!!! – Madison Dunn

I usually go here but will probably try to do other gas stations now after a few to many bad experiences. One of the biggest issues is the layout. The delivery truck doesn’t have a good place to pull up to so it blocks part of the parking lot which is already small. It makes some of the gas pumps unusable because of the truck is angled. This gas stations was redesigned within the past 10 years and this is something that should have been considered but obviously was not. I’ve had few issues with staff other than today. Today a pump was prepaid when I pulled up and there was no car there. Since it is the holiday season I thought someone was being nice and I appreciated since I am running low on money. I get out and start pumping. Surprised by how much it was prepaid ($27) but was very thankful. I was thinking of doing $10 and leaving it for someone else but then I wasn’t sure if it would leave the left over for the next person. I finish pumping and I’m about to get into my car. Who I’m assuming is the manager and I’ve heard bad things about comes running out. Keep in mind it has now been a couple minutes since I’ve pulled up and noticed the pump was prepaid. In short he tells me I need to come inside and pay for the man’s gas. I don’t mind at all since I’m assuming it was a mistake but how he went about telling me was rude. Instead of saying that there was a mistake made and the wrong pump was given the money could you please come in and pay for the gas you pumped. He started off asking if I paid for gas (understandable) and I said no it was prepaid. I try to explain that since it’s the holiday season I thought someone was being nice (I’ve done it in the past and I’ve seen others do it as well). He says very shortly no it’s not someone being nice and you can’t leave with free gas. Acting like the thought of it was just idiotic. I say I don’t have cash though (the person who did pay paid in cash) and he says somewhat rudely well you have a card don’t you. My biggest complaint is I have the product in my car already if I was a dishonest person I could just drive off. Also how did it take you so long to realize that the cashier had put it on the wrong pump and not come out and say something? Again I wasn’t stopped until I was seconds from leaving so it had been a couple minutes. I work in customer service and I understand it was a mistake but from my point of view as the customer I thought someone had just done something really nice and then someone comes out yelling and tells me I must pay for someone else’s gas. Talks down to me during the conversation and does just not have very good customer service skills. Side note a LOT of things here are overpriced so I already avoided buying things from inside. I’ll probably try the Irving near Walmart since I’ve heard good things about it. – Emily Blackshaw

The morning and afternoon staff are all very nice, and you’ll find a lot of your standard gas station variety and prices here. The 99 cent coffee that you can make yourself is the primary reason I come here. – Alexandar Thompson

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