There are 3 CBD stores in Old Town, Maine.

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Best CBD stores in Old Town, Maine

Riversedge Chiropractic Wellness Center

Address: 227 Main St, Old Town, ME 04468

Phone: (207) 827-5951

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


Love, love, love this office and Dr LaGrange! Friendly, caring, thorough and takes an overall wellness approach. I started going for migraines and my back. I still go in for maintenance and any flare ups. My migraines are very infrequent now, and my range of motion and pain has improved ten fold. So thankful for their great service!! – Felice Lyford

What a friendly and professional office. Great staff, supporting a knowledgeable, wise and kind chiropractor. Cheryl LaGrange is really in a class of excellence. It is a pleasure to visit. And she has changed my health so I perform at my best. As an athlete, having such a capable expert will give me a long life of feeling great. Thank you, Riversedge Chiropractic. – Marion Syversen

Absolutely LOVE Cheryl! The staff works as a unit together very well and have the patient’s best interests at heart. They all go above and beyond their duties to accommodate the needs of those they work with. All the love! – Tiffany Sanborn

New England Reserve

Address: 983 Stillwater Ave, Old Town, ME 04468

Phone: (207) 817-0518

Rating: 4.7 out of 5 stars (4.7 / 5)


My first time in and they were really attentive. They knew what strains did what to help my symptoms of crohn’s disease. They were really knowledgeable about the different strains of flower, concentrates and edibles. Might just be my new go to medical Marijuana Dispensary. – TJ Dobson

Super friendly and knowledgeable in their product. Prices are a tad higher than some other dispensaries I’ve visited, but the quality of the product makes up for it. Definitely worth checking out. – Renee Mozeliak

New England reserve is the best dispensary there is in Maine hands down there’s no place I’d ever go other than the air not that I haven’t tried other places but I don’t waste my time the quality is there awesome staff great inventory and even if it’s a little more in price than some places the quality is better than those places hands down I go there almost every day of the week. I would give more stars if I could – Jamie Goodall

Tradewinds Variety

Address: 565 Stillwater Ave, Old Town, ME 04468

Phone: (207) 817-0515

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


As gas stations go, very clean. Good selection of local beers, small selection of touristy knick-knacks (post cards, magnets, U of M sweatshirts, and such), good soda selection. Hot food was available, but didn’t check it out. – Andy Callens

Yo they got maaaad stuff here slim jim’s sour cream liquor beer chips but like more than most gas places. When you walk in it’s sexual when you walk out it’s sweet relief. I give it a cowabunga/10 – Yung Generic

Best place to come shop folks I work there and they are clean and have great food and service me and the other staff members will make sure you have a great experience shopping with us – The worst video game players Ever

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