There are 4 CBD stores in Waterbury, Connecticut.

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Best CBD stores in Waterbury, Connecticut

Caring Nature Dispensary

Address: 237 E Aurora St, Waterbury, CT 06708

Phone: (203) 437-8477

Rating: 4.8 out of 5 stars (4.8 / 5)


One of the best MCDs in CT. I have sampled many of these since we have been granted the right to buy Medical Grade Cannabis from our Masters in Hartford that meet in secret rooms in a Gold Domed building, taking more of our rights and then extorting us to buy back our rights which we are BORN with. – Sofa King

If you are looking for a dispensary to meet your every need this is the place. If its not there , they try to find a similar product or order what you are asking for . Staff is very friendly and knowledgeable. Makes the process so much easier. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this dispensary on every level !!! – Carolyn joseph

Nice knowledgeable people like always. I come from bethel, 40 minutes away when I can go to the dispensary in bethel if I wanted to, just because there’s never a long wait to be seen, they rarely deplete their inventory of an item, and they are very professional and pleasant to deal with 🙂 – Christopher Adkins


Address: 858 Lakewood Rd, Waterbury, CT 06704

Phone: (203) 757-6196

Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars (4.4 / 5)


I went to lifestyles at 4.20 and was suprised to see that everything was 20% off. I was looking for a vape but had no idea about it. Was helped by Jessica who had ancers to all my questions and seemed well versed when it comes to vape. Lifestyles has an inteligent and friendly staff that made my shopping experience plesent. – Douglas Palomino

The piercer girl there is really nice and very informative. She’s honest! She has so much passion with her craft. I can tell she’s not in it for just the money! Check her out!!! The skinny white chick… don’t know anything about her apprentice. – REDHOT WRX

Overall good customer service. Nice selection of geodes/tumbled stones. One or two of the employees were kinda stuck up standoffish and generally no help at all but that doesn’t take away from those that are very good at what they do. – Tyler James

The CBD Spot

Address: 495 Union St Suite 1126 (1st FL Brass Mill Mall, Waterbury, CT 06706

Phone: (203) 437-8495

Rating: 4.1 out of 5 stars (4.1 / 5)


Very satisfying and informative experience . Customer service is excellent. Tell them whats wrong and will help point you in the right direction to what helps best. Great quality products and I saved 20%off. Will be back for my mothly cbd salve & gel caps! Thank you – *Aqua Gypsy*

So happy to have a shop like this around they have a a lot to offer and great staff and all around great selection of all products – Courtney Aubin

Very clean, professional, informative staff and owner. They sell high quality cbd products at fair prices! – Robert Paradis

Brass Mill Center

Address: 495 Union St, Waterbury, CT 06706

Phone: (203) 755-5603

Rating: 3.9 out of 5 stars (3.9 / 5)


It’s one of the few malls in Connecticut that caters to the entire family. I think that I wish the food court had more to offer but that being said there are several places that are really enjoyable the Brazilian place and the chicken joint or excellent I personally find the Sushi Delightful. – Christina Ayala

If you’re traveling to Waterbury, CT. It’s definitely a mall to check out and browse around. Anytime I’m visiting family in the Area, it’s our go to place because of the movie theater. Not much to do in Waterbury, so it’s nice to have the mall to just walk around and window shop and maybe check out a movie. – TnT Love

The mall is always well kept and reasonably clean, considering the amount of foot traffic they have. Same goes for the movie theater, as well as reasonably prices and no sticky floors. I hate movie theaters with sticky floors, makes me wonder when the last time they cleaned the seats was. – Zach Cole

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