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Top 5 CBD Vape Oils, E-liquids, and Juices

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a legal compound extracted from the cannabis plant. It contains all of the beneficial anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis without any of the unwanted psychoactive or plain paranoiac aspects to it.

They take everything illegal out of the plant and instead leave you with what many are calling a kind of wonder substance with a variety of applications for a number of ailments and personal conditions and uses

CBD has little to no recreational value whatsoever. That’s part of the extraction of all of the psychoactive compounds. It is purely used as a kind of herbal medicine.

Why vape CBD?

CBD is available in a variety of different compounds and tinctures. You can get it as an oil that you put under the tongue. You can get it as a mouth spray. You can get it in chocolate or even as a kind of dermal rub if needed.

But there is a good reason why you might choose to vape CBD: when you ingest CBD in either pill form or cook that kind of thing, the human digestive system is a little bit of a labyrinth. Sometimes it takes a little longer or less long to digest things on a given day to another day, and this can sometimes lead to delayed absorption.

A lot of the time, when ingesting CBD, you might find it’s going to take an hour or two for it to actually begin to kick in, and even then, you can’t really be sure that it’s going to have the exact same effect today that it did yesterday depending on the batch of whatever it is that you’re ingesting.

Vaping CBD is a whole different kettle of fish. When you vape CBD, you get an immediate onset of effects when the CBD vapor enters your lungs and goes directly into your bloodstream.

It also means that it’s a lot easier to measure out your daily dosage if you’re vaping the same amount of a certain strength of vapor every day and it’s the same quantity in the same device, and it’s the same CBD e-liquid you’re going to find that it’s going to be the same experience day by day. So a lot of people will choose to vape CBD purely for consistency.

These top five CBD e-liquids are not listed by means of excellence, but they simply all have a different characteristic that makes them stand out from all the rest of the game.

CBD booster shots

A booster shot is a kind of concentrate that you might use to enhance any other e-liquid that you’ve got. It could be the case that you’re looking to start vaping CBD, but you don’t want to get rid of your favorite e-liquid, which is the only thing that you vape.

What a booster shot does is it allows you to add just a few droplets to your tank or your homebrew mix, and that will enhance it immediately into a CBD e-liquid no matter what you’re adding it to.

You might find that sometimes you want a certain dosage, so you can add a little more of the booster shot or a little less. The idea of booster shots that tend to cost a little more than pre-mix CBD is that they last quite a long time because you are adding this by the droplets to your e-liquid.

If you do find the liquid measurements a little bit tricky, there are e-liquid calculators that focus on CBD, and it tells you exactly how much of a given CBD you should be adding to your tank, taking in things like tank size, CBD strength, CBD amounts into account.

That way, you can determine exactly the CBD dosage you want day by day. So if you’re looking for a slight hobbyist approach to brewing your own CBD e-liquid or just enhancing what’s in the tank already, you can’t go wrong with a booster shot.

Terpene flavored CBD e-liquid

Terpenes are the natural compound that occurs in every kind of plant out there, including the cannabis plant.

That will provide a plant with its natural aromatic fragrances and flavor depths. Many CBD e-liquids are going to be mixed up the way other e-liquids are.

You’re going to have candied flavors, fruity and creamy flavors, but a lot of purists would prefer something that has a little bit more of an original flavor.

Some people wanted to have the taste of the original plant that it was extracted from because they find that this slight placebo effect does help them get into the state of “yes, this is exactly what I need. This is what I’m feeling. I’m not just vaping regular e-liquid – I am on that good stuff.”

However, one issue with terpene flavored CBD e-liquid is that it carries that natural aromatic flavor which can be very enjoyable. It’s not a very stealth thing to use.

Now, it doesn’t need to be – CBD is 100% legal in this country and many others. However, we appreciate that in a pub garden or in your nan’s living room, you might not want to be puffing away because it might draw a few stairs for those who don’t want to stink out nan’s boudoir with dank.

Full-spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum is a means of extracting the cannabidiol, aka CBD, from the original cannabis plant. However, the full spectrum approach draws every possible trace of beneficial properties from the cannabis plant while still leaving everything that is strictly illegal in the plan.

What this means is you sometimes get just a little bit more of a boost from a full spectrum CBD e-liquid. With this full-spectrum CBD booster shot, you will find that just a few droplets added to your tank are going to really make it pop with that CBD loveliness.

All of the anti-inflammatory benefits will just be coursing through you, and thanks to full-spectrum extraction, you can be sure it is going to be as powerful as it possibly can be without breaking the law.

CBD isolate

There is an alternative to full-spectrum CBD extraction, and this comes in the form of isolates. Isolate as an alternative means of extracting the cannabidiol from the cannabis plant that isn’t the full spectrum method.

Isolate promises an absolute purity and cleanliness of extraction. This isn’t to say that full-spectrum is dirty. However, isolate means are very stringent in terms of their absolutely lab condition, fully sterilized purity above all else approach to the production of CBD e-liquids.

What this means is you can be assured every single thing that you’re talking about is going to be exactly the same strength as it was before. Whereas with full-spectrum, which can be a little stronger, you sometimes get one that’s more powerful than the last. With isolate what you have is the comfort and convenience of consistency.

If you don’t want to get any attention and you feel a little self-conscious about terpene flavor e-liquids, this kind of pre-mixed flavored stuff is going to be the best for you.

Disposable CBD vape pen

Now, maybe you’ve been quite interested in the things you’ve heard about so far, maybe you’re kind of new to the idea of CBD, and you’re like, “hey, that could be beneficial for my personal conditions and ailments.”

However, you’re a little hesitant to start investing in a whole new vape kit and buying your CBD e-liquid, figuring out how to fill the tank, probably spending a little bit just so you can get started because you’re not actually sure if this is going to be what you personally need.

For you, we would recommend getting started with a disposable CBD vape pen. Disposable CBD vape pens are already pre-loaded and pre-charged with their CBD e-liquid and power, meaning all you have to do is get it pop it out of the packet and just start puffing away.

They are purely an anti-inflammatory compound that gives you the chance to try CBD vaping without having to invest in a whole vape set up – a really good way for a starter to get started.

Traditionally when someone begins to ask about CBD vaping and how to get started and how to move ahead, what we’ll often recommend is that they purchase a mouth-to-lung low-power vape pen. It is something that can take most CBD e-liquids because they’re pretty much almost all mixed at a 50/50 VG/PG ratio or 70 PG to 30 VG, meaning that they are thin small concentrated doses of e-liquid CBD enhanced that isn’t just going to get lost in a big cloud when you exhale it.

CBD is a marvelous substance with a variety of applications offering an alternative to pharmaceuticals for a number of different ailments conditions, and has a host of benefits.

Where to buy CBD Vape Oil Products?

CBD Vape Oils are available in a wide range of online and offline retailers. But if you want to save time and some money, you can purchase CBD products here. Also, you can save extra cash on your online ordering with discount codes and offers.